Monday, December 30, 2019

Retuning to Calgary and Accepting New Students for January 2020!

Hello people!

Can you believe it, after 12 years, we are returning to Calgary!
In the dead of winter, no less!
However, my studio (in my home in the NW) is full of warm welcome and I am taking new students in January.

There are many years of experience teaching all kinds of voices and ability levels under my belt.
I teach adults of all ages, college and youth.  Depending on the child, I can also teach children.  (I do have a blog posting about this - My thoughts on teaching kids) It is my joy to help each person find their individual voice by first building healthy vocal technique, and then exploring various styles and helping you to find your unique expression.

I also do coaching, accompanying you and giving you tips for solos, auditions, recordings, whatever it is that you need. I am available to work with groups and choirs.
Once my voice studio is up and running, I plan on holding studio voice classes and recitals.

Please check out this page if you are wondering what others have said about me. What others have said about Robin
I look forward to hearing you and getting to you know!

Please email me : for further information.

Thank you so much!