Thursday, January 27, 2011

Voice Contract

Voice Studio Contract of Robin Idestrom

Ridgefield, CT

Please read carefully and retain a copy for reference.

Your lesson Day ___________ Time: _________

What you can expect from me:

An ongoing enthusiastic commitment to helping you to become the best singer and performer you can be.

Each lesson tailor-made for you, your needs, you ability, 
to help you reach your goals

To give you the tools to be able to sing with vocal health, 
joy and freedom

To help you to find a variety of good repertoire

To accompany you on piano throughout the lesson

What I expect from you:

At the first lesson, I want to hear what you hope to receive from your voice studies, and your musical hopes and goals.

Arrive at each lesson on time and prepared so that we can make the most of the time we have each week.

Consistent practice throughout the week; You must set aside time to practice, to vocalize and work on your music if you expect the lessons to make any difference. (Don’t wait and try to cram it all in the day before your lesson). You will become a better singer with consistent practice.

Come with a willingness to learn, and sometimes step out of your comfort zone.

Come prepared with a recording device, music, notebook and pen.

Open and honesty communication - Let me know how things are going, I want you to be happy with what you are receiving as a student.

Other things:

Lessons are recorded so that you may practice along with your tape
(or sound file) during the week. As you listen to my instruction, it can be very helpful to take further notes of things you may not have caught during the lesson. You should record each lesson on a fresh track each time. Recording over lessons is discouraged. Provide a separate tape or track for recording the accompaniment for the songs. Please label each recording with the date of lesson.

For payment information, please contact me by email or phone.

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